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I just found your publication from a link on someone else's blog & think it's an amazing collection of writings. Wow.
Jen S.

I found you by coincidence, and I am extremely glad I found your website! Thank you for your refreshing and enriching insights.

Oh my god, she's reading my mind! I'm not even done reading Adriene Sere's article on Mary Daly, but damn! I just breathed a sigh of relief after reading the sentence about the "sense of entitlement to woman-bash in the guise of combating bigotry." Yes, that is absolutely it! I am also curious: Why didn't Lorde acknowledge that Daly had reached out to her? I think that tells me something about her intentions. As for me, after years of feminist activism, I (a Chicana, born & raised in S. Texas, working at a bilingual school, married to an immigrant) have been written off as a "white supremacist." It's great that you are still out there, fighting the good fight for women.
Angie Manzano

Your articles are wonderful -- I've been reading and recommending Rebecca Whisnant's "Beyond Multiple Choice," and Adriene Sere's "A History With No Name." I wish I'd known about them when I was teaching ecofeminism in my red-state university's Environmental Philosophy course. Denying the existence of feminist issues is the most fundamental and hardest mindset to overcome. But now that I have found this site, I will look forward to teaching feminist perspectives even better the next time!
Claudia Hemphill Pine
University of Idaho

love it!...
alicia banks

Thanks for sending this out. Said It is consistently one of the most interesting, thoughtful, and well edited sources of feminist voices. Some day I hope you'll come visit us at Media that Matters.
Mike Weisman

The issue looks grrrrrrrrrrrreat! Glad Said It is BACK and saying it like it is.

Great magazine. Thank goodness you exist.
Abiola Abrams

Congratulations and welcome back Adriene and Said It!
Suzanne Jay

Thank you for this amazing site and I am delighted that you are back!
Amy Elman

The article "My Grandmother, Virginia" was incredible. And probably close to reality for my grandmother, Virginia, as well. Thank you.

Most of the print & electronic media propagate sexual vulgarity & stereotype men and women.

Most newpapers, magazines, films, book,predictions like Numerology and Astrology and TV serials confuse its viewers on relationships.

Men & Women are stereotyped. They tell us how men behave & how women behave. As though we don't know !

Myths generated by media : Men dont cry; women talk a LOT. Men earn; women spend. Men are bread winners, women child care takers. Men means sex; women means shopping.

Is that true?? NO.

We humans are highly intellectual social animals. When men & women mingle with each other, they SHARE. Share ideas on how to survive in the competitive market. Share on how to think alike.

The truth is: Men do cry, men are great child care takers, men are good listeners, men are talkative, men do like shopping, men are emotional & it's not always sex they talk about.

Truth is: Women are earning & saving money for needy days, women are practical, women do talk only when needed, they do shop only what they need, women don't always like heavy make ups.

Don't fall into the trap of false media reporting. Go out and mingle to know people's mentality & just don't put them on other planets like Mars & Venus when humans belong to Earth
Madhu Ahuja,Vashi.

Dear Adriene Sere,

I just happened to run across an article of yours written in 2000. The title was: Who's Looking Out for Moms?

I became inspired and decided to do some research of my own. The first thing I discovered to my surprise was that virtually every Family law court nation wide is looking out for moms. I am sure you just overlooked that one though. Second I found that in domestic violence situations, The police are looking out for moms. Even though it is a fact that women are just as if not more violent than men. The bleeding heart liberal controlled media has a tendency to focus on the poor woman. OH if she says he molested the kids, Put him in prison! even though it the most commonly used weapon by women alienaters guilty of imposing on young children, parent alienation syndrome, witch is extremely harmful to kids. Also in the majority of cases concerning sexual abuse the perpitrator is: Step Dad/Boy friend, allowed in by who? MOM'S.

I have read many of your articles and I could go on, but I have better things to do with my time. I am raising two daughters 8 and 10 years old on my own, took me 3 years to get custody, even though it was obvious from the beginning that I am the better parent. So don't give me that crap about who is looking out for mom. I know very well who is looking out for mom.

You are either a liar, stupid or you just think every one els is stupid. maybe you just need to stop sniveling and do your home work.

I believe women are truly the superior being on this planet. If I needed spinal surgery I would want a woman to do it. When my girls went to counseling to overcome parent alienation syndrome I took them to a professional woman. My lawyer in court concerning custody was a woman. My Mom is the most fabulous woman ever.

Write me back, unless the real issue is that you just hate men. Maybe you didn't have a father there for you. It is amazing what negative affects that can have on girls.

chuck Holloway

Hi Adrien,

No return on my last email sent yesterday. Come on, you can't be afraid of my intellect. after all, I'm just a dumb man. Maybe you missed the part of my email that suggested you do your home work. It seems to me that you must be getting the majority or your information from: Give me a break honey. For God sakes look at the stats, their not hard to find. Women, God love them, are 31 times more likely to kill their children then men. They are vicious vindictive violent revengeful and just plain evil creatures. Us guy's who have only the advantage of physical strength and size, spend our whole lives walking on egg shells. Stop hating men just because we want to get laid.

Your friend
Chuck Holloway

Do you want to BREAK THE SILENCE of rape in your community?

Take Back The News confronts the misrepresentation of rape in the media. Activists across the country are Taking Back The News in their own communities and on their campuses. How? By providing a print forum for rape survivors to publish their stories in their own words. Be a part of the movement.

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Book Announcement

The Reclaiming Anthology: healing our wounds edited by Melina Magdalena
Published by Seaview Press, South Australia

This exciting new book contains the living, authentic voices of over 40 Australian writers of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds who tell their stories of healing from violent trauma in poetry and prose. Topics addressed include child sex abuse, cancer, memory wars, domestic violence, and rape, with a strong focus on healing through self-expression.

The book emerged from a two-year community project and was published with the assistance of a grant from the Forsyth Foundation in 2004. It is arranged around a series of illustrations taken from an original banner designed by the editor to publicise Reclaim the Night, the annual international women�s protest march (also called Take Back the Night). Themes include �reclaimcraft�, �reclaim health�, �reclaim outdoors�, �reclaim dance� and �reclaim memory�. Those who contributed to the book want their stories to help others to break their isolation and feelings of continued victimisation by society. They are authentic human beings on the hard road to healing �gutsy, courageous, contemplative, perceptive, creative, loving, spiritual and angry. Readers will be moved, uplifted and inspired.

The Reclaiming Anthology was launched by Kate Reynolds of the Australian Democrats on Saturday, December 3, 2005 at the Parks Community Centre, South Australia. Kate said she felt the book needed to be read by every judge, every police officer and every politician in Australia, because of the importance of what survivors had to say about their experiences. A copy of the book was sent to South Australian Chief Justice John Doyle and South Australian Police Commissioner Mal Hyde in the hope that it will be made available to members of the Bench and the South Australian Police Force as part of an educative process about the needs and experiences of people who survive abuse and trauma.

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