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RebELLEs Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering

The time has come for the 2nd RebELLEs Pan-Canadian Young
Feminist Gathering!

May 20-23rd, 2011, Winnipeg Manitoba

We invite you to be part of the RebELLEs feminist movement!


*This is an invitation to all young women, between 14 and 35 years of age**,
* with diverse political views and identities, from all regions, cultures and languages, with an interest in feminist issues and struggles.

You are invited to participate in the

*2**nd** Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering*!

The 1st gathering, "Toujours RebELLEs, Waves of Resistance," hosted over 500 young feminists in Montreal in October of 2008. For three days, young feminists gathered to share experiences, stories and analysis. We engaged in creative resistance actions in the streets, learned from and with one another, shared our feminist talents, and danced up a storm. We returned to our regions with a strong foundation for a young feminist movement in place, one that RebELLEs all across the country have been building upon for the past two years.

*This is a call to all young women, activists, students, workers, un(der)employed women, artists, researchers, mothers, feminists of all tendencies and of all types, and of course emerging feminists, to get involved!*

For more information:

2011 Organization Committee based in Winnipeg:


Conference on Men and Masculinity

36th National Conference on Men & Masculinity with the 23rd Men's Studies Association Meeting

Breaking Out of The Box: Re-Defining Masculinity

April 1-3 – 2011

Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Join NOMAS and MARC at Florida State University for a full 3-day program of, workshops, keynotes, entertainment and general discussion on gender and social justice. Nationally noted presenters such as Alan D. Berkowits, Chris Kilmartin, Ben Atherton-Zeman, Robert Brannon, Barry Goldstein, and Carey Satell, will conduct sessions on a variety of topics including the anti-sexist men's movement, sexual violence prevention, social norms, gender construction, homophobia, eco-feminism, child custody, racism, and more.



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