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a gallery of feminist poetry, fiction and theater

  Attic of Dreams
by Yolantha Harrison-Pace
The River Witness
by Yolantha Harrison-Pace
by Christine Mourre
My Doctor Told Me I Was Allergic to Legumes
by Lizzy Poole
Women Have No Last Name
by Lizzy Poole
Fetus Envy
by Melissa Maxwell
feminism is power-full
by Susan Lebow
by Allison Dunlap
Three chicken
by Christine Stark
Cricket delivers
by Christine Stark
Dream Weaver
by Judith K. Witherow
by Judith K. Witherow
How Eve Made Herself
by Kirsten Laulainen
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Pyroglyphic, adj

written in, constituted by, or belonging to that form of Archaic Elemental writing in which the characters
are for the most part recognizable pictures/portrayals of Pyromantic Passionate Thought

-- from The Wickedary
by Mary Daly, in cahoots with Jane Caputi

In Remembrance of Mary Daly: Lessons for the Movement

Women's Lives, An American's Eyes | Arriving at a Hyphen

The B Word | Feminism in a Porn Culture|

Media Glance: Friends - If You Can Take It


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