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How Eve Made Herself

by Kirsten Laulainen

It has been told to you that I was made from Adam's rib,
That I gained my form from that,
And a few pieces of
But I'm here to tell you now the simple truth:
The truth that I made myself. I made myself, as we all do.
Adam didn't give a part of himself so that I could be. I gave birth to my own Self,
My own form, and my own body. As the child grows within
You on its own, so did I.
I sprung forth from my own energies, and my singular consciousness.
From my will to exist did I come, and not simply to keep Adam company.
He thinks that was motivation enough, but it didn't motivate me.
I stepped into Eden, because Eden wanted me there. She wanted the other
Half of this
Divine equation.
The essence complementary, to a parent that is called
Mother, Father, and God.
And so to make her more whole, I invented myself.

My first days in Eden were Paradise. Paradise, because I was his equal.
His friend and partner. Together, we made the Garden our shared masterpiece.
We were able to work separately, yet in unison. He recognized my talents,
He recognized my likeness to him -- the likeness of our
Mother, Father, and God.
I was the other half by being whole, and not half for a half.
Eden flourished under the direction and intuition of both hands.
Balance existed everywhere, and I thought our cooperation,
Our co-creation,
Would never cease.

But Adam changed.
It wasn't long before he began to show me around the Garden
As if it were his home, and not ours.
He began to instruct me and educate me,
As if I had not tended to these flowers myself.
He took it upon himself to make me into something
More, although I was already complete.
Though Mother, Father, and
God had created me,
Had given me the same
Knowledge and potential, Adam ignored it.
He forgot, and saw it only in himself. Only
He was the clear channel for
Our parents' plan -- their holy mathematics.
I was the incomplete one,
Invented for him, and by his structure.
Without him, I didn't have two feet to stand on.

And it got worse. Not only did Adam call my intelligence blasphemy, but he
Took me. He ate of my body like a fruit not forbidden to
Him, and it fed and warmed and nurtured him.
"Women" was no longer his equal, his other self, his complement --
She was a plant in the Garden, to be grown and harvested.
To this denial of my divinity, I rebelled.
Refuse did I his advances, his attempts to put
Himself over
Adam was furious, and told himself that he had
Made me.
That he was
Making me still.

And he was making me --
Making the "Eve" he could control and claim,
But that was only in his mind.
I knew the truth.
I had designed my own
Form, and just because he didn't remember, this didn't make it
Magic worked in me, just as it did in
Him. But he didn't call it magic:
He called it a
But living proof of my truth still exists.
Outside of Eden:
Who gives birth?
Who has the matrix to divine life from it?
We do,
And still all the Adams of this world take the credit.

So Adam went on day after day, trying to find ways to subdue me.
To subdue the feminine creativity that was equal and
And unlike anything he had seen before. The plants and animals
Would talk to me, and not to
And he was jealous.
I lived with creation, and he apart from it.
I wouldn't be taught by him.
I wouldn't be molded by him,
And his clay grew dry.
But he wouldn't stop until he
Made something of me
With his own two hands.

And what he made of me, well, everyone knows the story.
Knows of how I
Cost every human soul an earthly paradise.
The snake, they say, came and tempted silly, stupid, impressionable Eve.
I need not tell you that such a thing is a lie.
A man who wanted me under his control would want nothing less.
And what better way to destroy the feminine completely, then to say it is the
Birthplace of Original
Sin. What better way to confiscate my womb?

And so, he had me talk to the serpent.
The snake. The devil, and he ate of the apple.
And when Mother, Father, and
God came down and asked why he had done so,
He was ashamed. Even though the parents knew all, and saw
All, Adam lay the blame on me. I was imperfect, he said. Unlike
Him who had
Been made in an image,
I was made from a part. I was broken,
And so I broke Harmony.
I broke the rules, and ruined it for everyone.
My womanliness was to blame,
Not his fears of inadequacy or uselessness.

To this, Mother, Father and God listened quietly.
They looked at our
Separateness, our injuries against ourselves, and
Were sad. With dreary eyes, Mother, Father and
God said, "This is not a place of many against
One, but of One from many." They joined our hands.
"You must learn to be One again, not Two. You will go someplace else
Until you remember the peace of being One."

So saying, we were put out of Eden, and
Adam placed his burdens on me.
In time, humanity rose from us, nursed on our discord and
Distrust. On our
Anger and
Blame. And now Eden is
Destroyed, but not because of
It's destroyed because Man blames Woman, feeds on her, uses her,
And then denies her an equal bed to sleep in.
Eden has withered away, because our fall from
Grace was with each other,
Not with
God. And when we fell, so did Paradise.
It was a state of being, not a place.
And until we can recapture it in another apple seed,
The Garden will not return.
Not until this one truth is recognized:

I created myself, and so do you.

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